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Relocating With a Minor Child

We live in a world where people don’t stay in one place. Instead of growing up, attending school and creating a career and a family in the same place, Americans tend to move around. With a multitude of national and multinational businesses, broadening educational opportunities and the ease of modern transport, families tend to span the country – and the globe.

While this may be great for society, it can make child custody issues more complex. When families are separated geographically, children shared by two parents must endure a long-distance relationship with one of them.

Parents who are looking to relocate need to understand how this move will affect their child custody agreements. Prior to making a move, it’s important to understand the requirements of relocating a minor child under Nevada law. This is an area of Nevada law that is always changing, whether you are the moving parent or the parent who wants to stop your child from leaving, Hauser Family Law can help.

I couldn’t say enough about Michelle Hauser. She played a huge roll in me adopting my two Grandchildren. She knew the in’s and out’s of the law and put the other attorney at a lose for words. I highly recommend her to anyone fighting to adopt a child or children. She knows the law inside and out and you will be proud knowing that she is fighting for you.

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Relocating a Minor Child – Notification and Consent

A relocating parent is required to notify the other parent that he or she plans to leave the state. In Nevada, the relocating parent is required to gain the written consent of the other parent. If no consent is given, the relocating parent can then petition the court for permission to relocate. This petition must be granted before the parent can relocate with their child.

For parents who share joint custody, the courts must decide with whom the children should reside. This is when the help of an attorney experienced in relocation of minor child cases is an invaluable tool and resource.

The court’s decision will take many factors into account, including:

  • The reson for the move
  • How far away the move will be
  • Wishes of the children
  • Conflict between parents
  • Relationships with children and/or other family members
  • History of abuse or neglect
  • Relationships between the children and each parent
  • Ability of the remaining parent to still have regular contact and visitation with the child.

Child Custody Relocation Laws

At Hauser Family Law, we have extensive experience working with relocating a child in divorce (or parents whose former partners are relocating). We understand the sensitive nature of these cases and show our clients the utmost compassion and understanding.

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