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Fathers’ Custody Rights

While there aren’t laws that favor a mother over a father in a child custody case, mothers commonly receive custody over fathers. Sadly, men fighting for their children in a custody battle must endure old-fashioned gender biases that a judge may have. At Hauser Family Law, we understand your frustration. That’s why we are advocates for fathers’ custody rights. Are you a good parent who loves and supports your child, while having a significant role in their lives? Then you deserve a fair chance to have custody over your child.

Fathers Have Rights

If you’re a loving parent who cares for their child, you have rights. Unless otherwise ruled by a court, your rights as a father include:

  • Being an involved influence in the lives of your children
  • Loving and nurturing your children without harassment from the other parent
  • Choosing where your children will live
  • Being an active participant in the raising of your children
  • Access to your children’s school and medical records
  • Participating in children’s extracurricular activities
  • Custody, care and control of your children
  • Choosing your children’s school
  • Determining your children’s religious faith
  • Making decisions about your children’s medical and dental care
  • Following your own beliefs and parenting style without interference
  • Guiding and disciplining your children
  • Choosing what is best for the children

Father’s Responsibilities

Keeping your rights requires you to fulfill your duties as father. These include:

  • Supporting your children
  • Providing food, shelter and clothing
  • Seeing that children receive appropriate medical treatment
  • Giving your children access to good schooling
  • Protecting children from harm and neglect
  • Fostering their relationship with the other parent
  • Giving them all the love, nurturing and encouragement you possibly can
  • Keeping in contact with your child
  • Doing everything within your power to keep your marital problems and negative feelings from impacting your children
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