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Going through a divorce is a frustrating ordeal as it is, and made even more difficult when children are affected. Hauser Family Law is one of the best family law firms in Henderson, NV, for divorce, annulment, child custody or adoption cases. Our leading team is known for achieving the most favorable decision for our clients and their children at an affordable rate. We offer family law representation in annulments and divorces, which is the difference between a legitimate marriage and one that is invalid. Get in contact with our attorneys to get qualified advice that’ll make this transition in your life as smooth as possible.

After seeing many family lawyers telling me I couldn’t do what I wanted done. Hauser Family Law did not promise me the world like my past divorce lawyers but they delivered. Unfortunately I have needed her services a couple of times, but now I know I’m in good hands. Hopefully I won’t need her services again, but at least now I know who I can call! Wish I would have found her the first time around knowing it would have been done right.

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What Does a Family Law Attorney Do?

During the divorce proceedings, our family law attorney will help you with any negotiations associated with assets, child custody and alimony. We can help you divide assets and liabilities that were incurred during the marriage. It generally will not matter whether or not the asset or financial responsibility is under the name of one spouse or both. When there is a prenuptial agreement (prenup), it will establish the property and financial rights of both spouses in the event of a divorce. Our family law firm will review prenups and assist you in reaching an equitable allocation of assets, which could include:

  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Real property
  • Business interests
  • Timeshares
  • Vehicles
  • Airline miles
  • Credit card debt

When alimony becomes a factor, it means that one spouse will pay the other a monthly sum in accordance with a court settlement. Alimony is used to address any economic hardships that could result from the divorce, such as one spouse being a non-wage or lower-wage earning. The court will settle the amount based on age, length of marriage and quality of life among other criteria.

Family Lawyer for Child Custody Cases

Child custody will always be arranged based on the best interest of the child and sometimes these choices are very difficult for parents to make. Some of the factors the court will consider are the child’s social influences, stability and the parent’s ability to meet their needs. Usually the parent with primary custody will be provided a child support allotment for necessities like food, housing and clothing. As your family law attorney, we will help you gather the evidence needed to present the strongest case for custody and child support to the court.

These are some of the custody arrangements you may have:

  • Legal custody: The prerogative and obligation to make decisions about child rearing. This involves education, religion, medical care and punishment. When bestowed joint legal custody, parents share these privileges.
  • Physical custody: The right of a parent to have a child with him or her. Most courts order joint physical custody, though the time-split is often different than 50/50.
  • Sole custody: Sole custody settlements provide one parent with total custody rights and allow the other only visitation rights.
  • Joint custody: This custody enables parents to synchronize their schedules and share decision- making accountability.
  • Bird’s nest custody: This occurs when the child remains in one home and parents alternate in and out of the home and take turns caring for the child.

Hauser Family Law Firm

As some of the best family law lawyers in Henderson, NV, Hauser Family Law are prepared to represent you in your Henderson divorce and Henderson child custody case. We have extensive experience in the area of family law, so we can guide you throughout the entirety of your proceedings. If it becomes difficult to reach a settlement, we can connect you with an unbiased third-party mediator who can help you reach an agreement. Our family law firm can also keep you safe from physical or verbal abuse with a legally-binding protective order. We’re able to provide a range of services including Henderson adoption assistance, which can be a long, complex and otherwise frustrating process. However, our attorneys have the expertise to make these legal proceedings as streamlined as possible.

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Hauser Family Law has top-rated family law lawyers who can advise you and represent you in your case. No matter what circumstances you’re facing, our legal team is eager to help. Call us today at 702-867-8313 to schedule an appointment with one of the best law firms in Henderson, NV.

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