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Divorce Lawyers in Boulder City, Nevada

If you’re seeking a divorce in Boulder City, NV, it’s important to hire an experienced divorce attorney. Hauser Family Law make getting a divorce in this state a more straightforward process. Without a divorce lawyer, you may be left dealing with issues such as alimony payments, loss of child custody and asset allocation all on your own. Hiring an aggressive divorce lawyer from our firm is the first step in ensuring a fair divorce settlement.

Where to Start the Divorce Process

For those who want a divorce in Boulder City, the laws are fairly complex to navigate by yourself. To qualify for a divorce in Nevada, one of the partners has to be a resident of the state for 6 weeks or longer to have a legal divorce. Depending on the situation, divorce petitions go to the county courts where at least one partner resides or the courts where partners lived together. If you want a divorce and want to know where to start, it’s usually with an acceptable reason for divorce. The qualifiers for divorce are numerous, and some common reasons include incompatibility, separation for over a year, infidelity, financial issues or mental illness existent two years before the divorce. That’s why it’s much simpler to work with an experienced divorce attorney near Boulder City, NV, who understands the laws and can get you the most favorable results.

Divorce, Child Custody and Assets

Distribution of property, alimony and child custody are all deciding factors that an aggressive divorce attorney can help fight. Boulder City is within a community property state, so legal rulings attempt to divide property fairly when the parties cannot agree on how to distribute assets. Some of these difficult issues often include alimony and child support, which depends on income, need for support and other elements. These issues are difficult to deal with and sometimes require mediation to come to a resolution. Our aggressive divorce attorney is knowledgeable about the types of situations and how best to reach an amicable agreement that will be in the best interest of the children involved.

Contact Our Aggressive Divorce Lawyers Today

Separation is psychologically draining for spouses and even more confusing for children who are processing these changes. Our divorce attorneys have seen these matters before and are qualified to get you the ideal outcome. We’ve tackled every angle of Boulder family law for clients with a range of difficult circumstances. If you want a divorce and want to know where to start, schedule a free consultation with our divorce lawyer at Hauser Family Law. Call us at 702-867-8313 for a meeting near Boulder City, NV, today.

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