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Divorce Decree Modification Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada

Divorce Decree Modification for Las Vegas, NV

Divorce decrees differ from marriage to marriage and contain obligations and rights of the individuals involved. Even though divorce decrees are permanent, they can later be modified if needed. It is not unusual for situations to change and an ex-spouse requests a modification to the decree. Circumstances like physical relocation, income, or children’s needs can all be grounds for divorce decree modifications.

If you want to make changes to your divorce decree, you need to have an attorney who specializes in family law in Nevada on your side. It is very difficult to try to handle these complex issues yourself. If you need to make changes to your divorce decree, or your former spouse is petitioning for change call Hauser Family Law. Servicing the greater Las Vegas area, our firm can help you with any divorce decree modifications you are facing.

Divorce is never a pleasant situation. I had a friend who needed some advice in this matter and suggested she meet with Hauser Family Law to go over her options. I went with her for support and saw how relieved she was after talking to Hauser Family Law. She hired them on the spot and we got some valuable advice and a plan going forward.

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Changes of Circumstances

For any modifications to be considered by the courts, there needs to be a chronicled and documented change of circumstances for those named in the divorce decree. Even though a decree is a legally binding document, it is possible to adjust the terms, when needed. If custody is a factor in your divorce, and one of the parties is moving, then a modification can be made to the decree in regard to child custody. This must be addressed by the Nevada courts and changes to the decree need to be documented in order to be enforced.

Alimony can also be adjusted after a divorce. If a change of income occurs with either party, both amounts of support to be paid and duration of payment can be modified in a divorce decree. Proper petitioning needs to be filed with the courts for any divorce decree modifications. The best way to ensure the petition is filed accurately with the courts in Las Vegas is by having the attorneys at Hauser Family Law take care of it for you.

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If you need to have your divorce decree modified, or if your former spouse is filing a petition for modification, please call 702-867-8313.

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