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Divorce Decree Modification Attorney in Henderson, Nevada

Divorce Decree Modifications in Henderson, NV

Looking for help with your Divorce Decree Modification? A divorce may be determined “final” when all the requirements of the case are met, but it’s not unusual for ex-spouses to later request a change in the prior divorce decree. This process is called modification and may be requested when circumstances like income, physical relocation or quality of care of a child have changed.

If you need a modification of divorce decree, hiring an experienced attorney can help you navigate this complicated process. The attorneys at Hauser Family Law have extensive experience in divorce decree cases and can help you modify your existing divorce, custody or alimony agreement.

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Divorce Decree Modification—Change of Circumstances

A modification of divorce decree requires the change of circumstances that affect the existing decree. While many terms of the Henderson divorce decree – like child custody – are binding, it’s possible to have them changed. For instance, if one spouse has moved out of state, making joint custody more difficult not or not in the best interest of the child, a modification of the custody agreement may be necessary. Additionally, if the income of one spouse has changed, it may be necessary to require an adjustment to the alimony agreement.

If you have a valid change of circumstance, you may qualify for a modification of divorce decree. That said, you will need to convince the courts that this change is worthy of a modification. Hiring an attorney can help ensure that you present the best possible case to the courts.

Preparing for Modification

Generally, modifications are possible any time after the divorce decree is established. That said, motions filed within six months of the divorce being finalized are treated with more suspicion in court. You’ll need to remember that when requesting a modification, the burden of proof is on your shoulders. That’s where a skilled attorney can be an invaluable asset.

As you prepare for a modification of divorce decree case, your behavior is extremely important. For issues relating to your children, your parenting will likely be scrutinized in court. Additionally, you’ll need to ensure that you are abiding strictly with all the regulations set forth in your initial decree. These include child support and alimony payments and facilitating agreed-upon custody arrangements.

Henderson Divorce Decree Modification Attorneys

Are you ready to discuss your case with an experienced attorney? Call Hauser Family Law today. We’re ready to bring the citizens of Henderson our modification of divorce decree expertise.For a free case consultation, contact us today at 702-867-8313. If you’re seeking a Divorce lawyer in Henderson, Nevada, we’re here to assist you with your modification needs.

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