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You might find yourself facing a request for you to pay child support for a minor child or you need to establish an order for the other parent to pay child support for a minor child. Hauser Family Law are experienced and aggressive in matters related to child support. Hauser Family Law represents clients both in front of the Child Support Court and in front of the Family Court Judges.

Hauser Family Law Attorney’s work to stay informed of all the latest developments regarding Family law in the State of Nevada.

Hauser Family Law helped to write the Amicus Curiae Brief for the Family Law Section of the Nevada State Bar in the case of Miller v. Miller, which dealt with the issue of how to calculate child support where each parent has a different child custody arrangement for some of the children.

I couldn’t say enough about Michelle Hauser. She played a huge roll in me adopting my two Grandchildren. She knew the in’s and out’s of the law and put the other attorney at a lose for words. I highly recommend her to anyone fighting to adopt a child or children. She knows the law inside and out and you will be proud knowing that she is fighting for you.

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The laws regarding the calculation of child support in Nevada are complex. At Hauser Family Law, we can assist you in your Las Vegas child support case.

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