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Divorce Decree Modification Attorney in Summerlin, Nevada

Modifications of Divorce Decrees for Summerlin, NV

A divorce decree is the courts final ruling and judgment that declares a marriage’s termination. Divorce decrees can differ as each marriage termination has different obligations and rights for the individuals involved. Even though a divorce decree is a permanent document filed with the courts, it can be modified when life situations change. It is not unusual for one of the ex-spouses to later request changes to a divorce decree when circumstances like physical relocation, income, or a child’s needs change.

It is best to hire an experienced attorney with years of familiarity with the Nevada court systems if you need to make changes to your divorce decree, or your former spouse is petitioning for change. Our legal system should never be a do-it-yourself process, especially with Hauser Family Law servicing the Summerlin area. With our trusted experience in divorce and modifications of divorce decrees, we can assist in making the changes necessary for you.

Changes of Circumstances

To make any modifications to a divorce decree, there must be a chronicled or documented change of circumstances for those individuals involved. It is possible to adjust terms in a divorce when needed, even though a decree is legally binding. For instance, if child custody is a factor in your divorce and one of the parents will be moving out of state, that change will need to be made in the divorce decree. When making any changes to the child custody arrangement, there needs to be legal documentation in a decree of those updates. Then going forward, agreements can be defined, understood and met.

Spousal support, which is commonly referred to as alimony, can be adjusted in a divorce decree when there is a change of income amount to either party. Both amounts of support to be paid and the duration of payments can be changed in a divorce decree through proper petitioning.

The best way to ensure your petition is properly filed with the courts is with the attorneys from Hauser Family Law.

Preparing to Modify a Divorce Decree

Typically, modifications can be requested to a divorce as soon as it’s established with the courts. Petitions for modifications that are made within six weeks of a divorce being finalized are viewed with suspicion and may not be regarded as urgent. That holding period is for the understanding of the courts. When petitioning for modifications to a divorce decree, the burden of proof is required from the petitioner.

Summerlin Attorneys

If you are facing child custody challenges or divorce-related issues in Summerlin, Nevada, our team of experienced attorneys at Hauser Family Law is here to provide you with the legal support and guidance you need. We are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of family law to ensure the best outcome for you and your loved ones. Contact us today for a free consultation at 702-867-8313. Your future and the well-being of your family are our top priorities.

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