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Guardianship Lawyer

Are you in need of a guardianship lawyer? Our guardianship lawyer is here for minor guardianship and adult guardianship cases. Who is a guardian? When it’s in relation to a minor, the default guardians are the biological parents. However, that can change. Guardianship of a minor stays under court supervision until the minor reaches 18, unless it is terminated before they turn 18. If you’re considering being a guardian to a minor, then you need to petition the court, and that’s where a minor guardianship lawyer can be of great help.

A guardian isn’t only for minors. They can be appointed to care for and take care of the affairs of an adult. In these cases, the adult is incapable of administering their own affairs. Guardians cannot benefit at the expense of those they care for, which is why they need to make accountings to the court once a year. In some situations, a guardian could obtain reimbursement for legal fees related to the guardianship. Let Hauser Family Law take care of your guardianship case. You can call us for a consultation with one of our experienced guardianship lawyers today.

I couldn’t say enough about Michelle Hauser. She played a huge roll in me adopting my two Grandchildren. She knew the in’s and out’s of the law and put the other attorney at a lose for words. I highly recommend her to anyone fighting to adopt a child or children. She knows the law inside and out and you will be proud knowing that she is fighting for you.

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Why Should I Hire a Minor Guardianship Lawyer?

Minor guardianships take place when the minor’s parents are deceased or when the parents can’t care for the child. This could be due to drug abuse, mental illness, or physical ailments. Minor guardianships often fall under the umbrella of family law, particularly when dealing with child custody disputes or situations where parental rights are terminated.

Minor guardianship can be defined as voluntary or involuntary. If a parent knows that they have a problem and can’t provide the support for their child, then it’s probably a good idea to agree to a voluntary guardianship. In the case that parent doesn’t agree to guardianship, then they will need to attend an evidentiary hearing. If the courts find the parent not fit, then the individual applying for guardianship could be awarded an involuntary guardianship. In the majority of cases, this person is typically a close relative.

The courts focus is on the child’s best interests and will only implement a guardianship pertaining to that. Things such as stability in the child’s upbringing, what the child prefers, the ability of the guardian to provide proper care for the child, the relationship between the parents and the guardian, and any information regarding the moral character of the guardian will be factored in. Parents who see difficulties in selecting a person as a guardian might consider writing a letter of explanation to the court in support of their choice. In regard to terminating a guardianship, it’s easier to terminate a voluntary guardianship than it is an involuntary guardianship. The law can be quite complex when it comes to guardianship, so no matter if you’re applying for guardianship or you’ve agreed to voluntary guardianship, it’s essential to have a minor guardianship lawyer representing you. Vital decisions have to be made, and that’s why you’d want a minor guardianship lawyer on your side.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Adult Guardianship?

Even in cases for adult guardianship, it’s crucial to have an adult guardianship lawyer representing you. Courts assign guardians to look over the interests of elderly or incapacitated people. Because assigning a guardianship could strip someone of their personal rights, specific steps need to be taken prior to a guardianship being approved. A person has a right to be notified and represented by a guardianship lawyer before a proceeding. During the proceeding, the person has the right to attend, confront witnesses, and present evidence. If the court ends up appointing a guardian, it’s important that the guardian respects the ward’s wishes and gives the ward as much independence as they can. If you’re in need of a guardianship lawyer, then you should contact our experts today.

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