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6 Steps to Preparing for Life After Divorce

Life after divorce can be daunting but we’d like to offer you some insights.

If you’re going through a divorce, chances are, one of the scariest things you face is the idea of getting on with your life after the divorce is over.

That’s why it’s important to prepare for your post-divorce life long before your marriage is officially dissolved. Here are a few things you can do now to make getting on with your life a little easier.

Let Yourself Grieve

Divorce is a tough, trying thing. And aside from all the legal hassle and sometimes bitter court battles, your divorce also marks the end of something you likely never expected to end.

It’s important to give yourself some time to really grieve the loss of your marriage. Sure, it’s good to be strong for your kids or family, but it’s also important to know that it’s okay to feel loss and grief when you lose a spouse – even if it’s your choice to lose him or her.

Take an Honest Look at Your Budget

While you might be entitled to keep your home or other possessions after your divorce, it’s up to you to determine if you can really afford these things. Before your divorce is final, take a hard and doesn’t look at your budget and determine if you can really afford to continue living your lifestyle.

If you’re accustomed to living in a dual-income household, for example, you might find that you can no longer afford the lifestyle to which you were accustomed for an optimal life after divorce.

The same applies to situations where you might be working as a homemaker with no income outside your home. Take into account the real costs of owning your home, like property taxes, insurance premiums and maintenance and upkeep. These are costs and issues you’ll want to face now, rather than after your divorce.

Open a P.O. Box

Whether you’re moving to a new place or keeping your marital residence, it’s a good idea to open a post office box at which you can receive very important mail.

A P.O. box allows you a secure way to receive legal correspondence, as well as important materials like credit cards and bank statements in your new name. Mail to a P.O. box typically arrives a little faster than mail to your home, which may be useful when your attorney or another professional requires your timely response.

Open New Bank Accounts

Don’t wait until your divorce is finalized to open a new checking and savings account – at a different bank than any joint accounts you share with your spouse. Your attorney can advise you as to how much of your joint funds you may be entitled to withdraw, so be sure to consult him or her before doing so.

Setting up your own accounts will lay the groundwork for your financially independent life after divorce once your divorce is final.

Change Your Will and Medical Directive

If you’re getting divorced, chances are, your will and medical directives will need updating. If your soon-to-be-ex is currently the party responsible for making medical decisions on your behalf, you’ll likely want to change this as soon as possible.

Additionally, if you die before your divorce is final (as unlikely a scenario as that might be), it’s likely your soon-to-be-ex will inherit all your worldly goods.

Get your will and directives updated ASAP so you can gain some peace of mind. While you’re at it, take this time to change the beneficiaries on any of life insurance policies you might have.

Refuse to Settle or Repeat History

As difficult as life after divorce can be, it can also teach you a lot about yourself – and what you will and will not put up with in life. As you learn about yourself, make a point not to settle for anything less than what you deserve after your divorce.

Don’t put yourself in the same situation from which you just escaped, and keep in mind that in order to realize different results, you’ll need to act differently. Take chances and risks that will allow you to move on to a better future – not the same old, same old.

As you prepare for life after divorce, it’s crucial to consider the possibility of a divorce decree modification. Life after divorce can bring unforeseen changes, and sometimes the terms of your divorce settlement may need adjustments to better suit your evolving circumstances. Whether it’s related to child custody, spousal support, or other aspects of your divorce agreement, understanding the process and your rights for a divorce decree modification can provide you with the flexibility needed to move forward confidently. If you find yourself in a situation requiring such changes, don’t hesitate to consult with legal experts who can guide you through this process seamlessly.

Need help getting ready for post-divorce life? We’re here for you. Give us a call today.

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